Renata Graham

Renata Graham is a qualified teacher and a professional jewelry maker specializing in bead jewelry. She has taught both in the U.K. and abroad for over 20 years. She also runs a successful jewelry course business, teaching several hundred beginners and improvers every year how to design and make their own beautiful bead creations. In addition to teaching, Renata also makes and sells over 400 pieces of jewelry a year.

Q & A

1.) If you could be any other person, animal, plant, etc... for a day, who or what would you be and why?
I would like to be one of our cats as I am always curious what mischief they get up to when we are not around.

2.) Who's your favorite fictional character and why?
The Detective Poirot---the time his stories are set in are so glamorous and I always like to try to work out "who did it."

3.) Besides being an author, what is your fantasy job?
I would love to be a fashion designer, with fashion shows and shops around the world.
4.) What music, food, drink, toys, etc... do you keep by your side when you're writing?
I normally have the raido on or folk music from my original home country of Slovakia (which my husband finds funny). Next to the radio is normally a glass of milk and some cookies.

5.) What do you enjoy doing most with your free time?
I enjoy gardening, going for walks and traveling. I have lived in England for almost 20 years and was born in Slovakia. I have traveled to many countries including France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belguim, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Greece, America, India, Dubai, and Tunisia.



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