Thacher Hurd

Thacher Hurd © Susan Sandoe

Thacher Hurd grew up in a family of children's book artists, and after attending the California College of Arts and Crafts, he began to turn his talent to picture books. He is the award-winning author of Mama Don't Allow, Art Dog, and most recently Moo Cow Kaboom! He has also written two board books, Cat's Pajamas and Zoom City. Thacher and his wife, Olivia, live in Berkeley, California.



  • Bongo Fishing trailer

    Thacher Hurd's new middle grade novel, Bongo Fishing, is a warm and funny story about friendly aliens, old cars, crazy gadgets and a wild chase across the Nevada desert near Area 51. Jason Jameson's life will never be the same after he meets Sam and Edna from the Pleiades. Not to mention a weird psychiatrist named Dr. Zimburger who is interested in UFOs, and a cat named Sputnik who gets the blue measles...



Bongo Fishing

Thacher Hurd; illustrations by Thacher Hurd

Jason has a pretty normal life: he lives with his mom, he goes to school, he does his homework. But when he meets a short, bluish alien named Sam, his life begins to seem much less normal...


The Weaver

Thacher Hurd; pictures by Elisa Kleven

As the sun rises, the weaver begins her work, spinning thread, dying it, and then weaving it into a cloth along with the signs of love and friendship she sees down on earth. At the end of the day, the weaver spreads this extraordinary cloth over us, to warm and protect us all through the night. This is a joyful, soothing, gorgeously illustrated bedtime story about the love between family and friends all over the world--and even beyond it.


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