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William Stanley Jevons

William Stanley Jevons (1835 –1882) is known by many as the founder of the mathematical method revolution in economics. Originally educated in the natural sciences Jevons turned his attention to the moral sciences during his stay in Australia in the 1850s. In 1866 he was elected Professor of Logic and Mental and Moral Philosophy and Cobden Professor of Political Economy in Owens College, Manchester, UK. In 1876 he accepted the position of Professor of Political Economy at University College, London, UK. Jevons published The Theory of Political Economy in 1871. At the time of his death in 1882 he was regarded by many as a thought leader in the spheres of logic and economics.


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The Theory of Political Economy

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Originally published in 1871, The Theory of Political Economy was the first text to introduce the concept of utility theory into economics and the use of...
William Stanley Jevons

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