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Having grown-up in a family of "literary grammarians", I have always been interested in words, recited and written. From an early age in Natick, Massachusetts, I participated in both theatre and music-related events, finishing up a whirlwind career in my early teens as a perpetual chorus member! I have, however, learned to deal with this fateful blow. I rallied, and am at long last thrilled to call myself an "Author" and see my words in print with the publication of "There's a Wolf at the Door"! I enjoy writing for being, among other things, a career that allows me to sit on the couch--my office!--in my pajamas and play with a pen and paper!

As the very proud wife of illustrator R. W. Alley, and the mother of two wonderful children--Cassandra and Max--I remain thrilled! School-wise, I received my B.A. from the University of New Hampshire, and my Ed.M. from Boston University. We live in Barrington, Rhode Island, and have a pretty fish named Yoshi, who likes to watch tv!

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There's a Princess in the Palace

by Zoe Alley, illustrated by R.W. Alley
A Neal Porter Book

Favorite princess stories in this hilarious collection. There’s Cinderella, who was, though you may not know it, Sleeping Beauty’s mom; Sleeping Beauty, who...

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There's a Wolf at the Door

by Zoe Alley, illustrations by R.W. Alley
A Neal Porter Book

FIVE CLASSIC TALES ALL STARRING ONE PUT-UPON WOLF in an oversized gift-ready package Wolf, a rather fine dresser and intelligent creature, just can’t catch a...

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