Jake Stays Awake

Michael Wright; Illustrated by the author

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Jake can’t sleep. 
He climbs into bed with his mom and dad.
Now Jake’s parents can’t sleep.
Even the dog is awake.
This family needs a good night’s rest. Where can they sleep? 
The answer will delight and reassure children and their (sleep-deprived) parents!


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There was a little boy

whose name was Jake

and every night

he’d stay awake.


“Unless I can sleep

with my parents,” he said,

“I won’t close my eyes,

and I won’t go to bed!”


So every night around ten forty-four,

he’d wander on up to his mom and dad’s door,

and stand there and knock, till they finally said,

“All right, all right, Jake! You can sleep in our bed.”




  • Michael Wright on his children's book, Jake Stays Awake

    Children's book author Michael Wright discusses the inspiration behind Jake Stays Awake.



Praise for Jake Stays Awake

“Pleasantly rhyming text is paired with droll, stylized full- and double-page illustrations in bold colors and varying perspectives, and sight gags extend the fun for children and adults....All in all, a delicious treat of a bedtime book.”—School Library Journal
“Co-sleeping taken to the extreme is the topic of this debut....Wright’s illustrations hysterically expand upon the text. The characters’ small eyes and elongated heads make for very droll facial expressions, while hidden details and the family dog’s antics will keep readers in stitches. Co-sleeping parents who want to reclaim their territory may want to take notes.”—Kirkus Reviews
“The illustrations, done in a distinctive cartoon style, feature aerial or skewed perspectives and figures with chinless, thumb-shaped heads; except for his height, Jake looks grown up—which adds another layer of humor, intended or otherwise, to the episode.”—Booklist
“...turn[s] children’s bedtime ploys on their ears....The characters, with their oblong heads and expressive dot-and-line features, seem at once both oddly familiar and utterly unique....Scenes of the family lined up under a blanket on the home’s rooftop (the dog dangling for dear life), shoehorned into the bathtub or stretched out on the kitchen counter will have both children and parents laughing at the lengths to which they will go for some shuteye.”—Shelf Awareness
"Buoyantly written and drawn in an exaggerated cartoon style, JAKE STAYS AWAKE is a fun, funny look at a problem that plagues most parents."--Oklahoma Gazette
"The cinematic angles, saturated page colors, and stylistic drawings of the characters in Jake Stays Awake add a unique flavor to Wright’s bedtime story about a kid who can’t sleep unless he’s with his parents."--Manhattan Beach Easy Reader

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  • Michael Wright; Illustrated by the author

  • Michael Wright is the author and illustrator of the picture books Jake Starts School and Jake Goes Peanuts. He has worked in advertising as a copywriter and art director, creating some of the most memorable fish sticks commercials you’ve ever seen, and he has also worked designing animation and sets for television. He lives in Manhattan Beach, California with his wife Cheryl and three kids Mason, Sloane and Paxton, all of whom are now very good sleepers.
  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright


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Jake Stays Awake

Michael Wright; Illustrated by the author

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