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Past Continuous

Past Continuous

A Novel

K. Ryer Breese

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Ade Patience has done what he was told he couldn't. He's broken the rules, used his powers to save a life. And no good deed goes unpunished. . . .

Senior year finds Ade and his girlfriend, Vauxhall, deeply in love, indulging themselves with wild dates and exploring their newly strengthened abilities. Only Ade isn't as happy as he should be. He's got an itch that he can't seem to scratch and it has everything to do with his joining the Pandora Crew, a group of radical oracles hell-bent on disturbing the peace, performing Jackass-style stunts, and spreading the mayhem.

When Ade realizes that his involvement with the Pandora Crew is due to his absorbing some of Jimi Ministry's abusive childhood, he discovers that the only way to rid himself of the infectious memories is to erase his past. And it just so happens that the one guy who can do that lives a few blocks down the street.

The procedure works. The "Jimi cancer" is cleared out. But when Ade returns to his life, he finds that changing the past has changed the present. Vauxhall has no idea who he is and he has to woo her all over again. And it won't be easy. There are three other people vying for Vauxhall's attention. Three other guys he has to literally battle to win her back. The worst part: they're all twisted versions of Ade.

Erasing the past has dramatically altered the present and Ade must join forces with his former rival to defeat . . . himself.



Hey, Heinz—
Awesome seeing you at the swim meet this past weekend. Can't believe I almost came in third. No doubt that was due to some of the astral plane stuff you've been doing. Keep it up, brother!...


Praise for Past Continuous

“A slick, fast-paced thriller with a comic-book aesthetic. The pace is cinematic, with . . . snappy banter and Ade's cool, careening narration. For fans of action movies and antihero comics.” —Kirkus Reviews on Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is an inventive exploration of addiction welded to the origin story of an unlikely superhero.” —Ryan Gattis, coauthor of Kung Fu High School, on Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect grabs you by the throat with the first sentence and refuses to let go.” —Coert Voorhees, author of The Brothers Torres, on Future Imperfect

“Teenage soothsayer Ade Patience is one of the coolest narrators I've come across in a long time and oh, man, does he have a story to tell.” —Josh Berk, author of The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, on Future Imperfect

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K. Ryer Breese

K. Ryer Breese lives in Denver and is a critic for American Movie Classics'

K. Ryer Breese

K. Ryer Breese

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