Dirty Little Secret

A Daniel Marchant Thriller (Volume 3)

Jon Stock

Thomas Dunne Books

The final book in an espionage trilogy that has been called "as elegant as le Carré and as cynical as the twenty-first century" (Lee Child)

The “special relationship” between London and Washington is in tatters. Salim Dhar, the world's most wanted terrorist, has disappeared after an audacious attack on an American target in the United Kingdom. The CIA believes Daniel Marchant, renegade MI6 officer, was involved. But Marchant has a bigger secret: Dhar has agreed to work for MI6, promising to protect Britain from future terrorist atrocities. He has also asked for something in return: Marchant must help him with a final strike against America. Will the UK sign up to this Faustian pact or hunt them both down?

In Dirty Little Secret, a high-octane finale to a trilogy that will appeal to fans of Alex Berenson and Olen Steinhauer, Marchant wrestles with his conscience and the question: Does loyalty to one's country come above all else, whatever the price?

"Twisty and relentless. Stock has brought the literary spy novel into the twenty-first century." —Portsmouth Herald


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Dirty Little Secret
1Salim Dhar looked over the limestone cliff and tried to imagine where he would fall. For a moment, he saw himself laid out on the flat rocks eighty feet below, the incoming sea lapping at his broken body. He stepped back, recoiling, as if he had caught the stench of his own death on the breeze blowing up from the foreshore.He glanced around him and then out to sea. The moon was full, illuminating the fluorescence in the crests of the waves. Far to the west, the lights of reconnaissance planes winked as they criss-crossed the night sky, searching in vain for him. Somewhere


Praise for Dirty Little Secret

Praise for Dirty Little Secret:
"A stunning espionage novelist."
The Australian

“Dirty Little Secret is an exciting, fast-paced spy thriller that extrapolates from history to present a plausible, intelligent, and some might say cynical view of where the modern realities of terrorism and warfare may take us.” —Criminal Element

"This is a 21st Century spy story that pulls no punches, is laced with treachery and deceit and allies high adventure with high technology in a seamless way."
--Northern Echo (UK)
"Dead Spy Running launched Marchant with a brilliant contest between sweaty and cerebral thriller styles. Round two is more tense as Stock ramps up his cynical relish for the complexity with which 'allies' in the war on terror wage war on each other."
--The Telegraph (UK)
"This absorbing thriller combines tense gritty action, including some gruesome torture scenes, with an intricate plot that keeps the reader guessing as to who is working for whom. The story moves at a brisk pace and is enriched by Stock's seemingly detailed knowledge of exotic locations and his cynical view of international politics."
--Canberra Times (India)

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  • Jon Stock

  • JON STOCK, a former Delhi correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph, writes a column for The Week magazine in India, and has contributed to BBC Radio 4. He is the author of Dead Spy Running as well as two previous novels. He lives in Wiltshire, UK.

  • Jon Stock Stock, Jon


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Dirty Little Secret

A Daniel Marchant Thriller

Jon Stock



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