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The Highbinders

The Highbinders

An Ash Tallman Western

The Ash Tallman Series (Volume 1)

Matt Braun

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In California, The Southern Pacific Railway was prying the West wide open, and the land was worth its weight in gold. While some men got in on the action, and some got out of the way, one group of settlers was making a stand-and holding up the railway. Turning to Alan Pinkerton's Chicago detective agency, the railroad robber barons hired the perfect agent to penetrate the settler's organization, a man who had learned a spy's trade in the Civil War. Tall, debonair, and pleasure-loving Ash Tallman can fight when he has to, lie when he needs to, and make love when he wants the right kind of woman on his side. But as Tallman enters the lush San Joaquin Valley in the company of a risk-taking beauty, he finds a fight with no clear battle lines, no sure enemies, and only one way out-by hunting the killers who are hunting him...


Terror On The Railroad

The sky was suddenly lighted by an earsplitting blast. The force of the explosion instantly transformed the railway yard into a tangled mass of steel and wood. A towering ball of fire leaped skyward and the concussion...


Praise for The Highbinders

“Matt Braun is one of the best!” —Don Coldsmith, author of The Spanish Bit series

“He tells it straight - and he tells it well.” —Jory Sherman, author of Grass Kingdom

“Braun blends historical fact and ingenious fiction...a top-drawer Western novelist!” —Robert L. Gale, Western Biographer

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About the author

Matt Braun

MATT BRAUN was a fourth generation Westerner, steeped in the tradition and lore of the frontier era. His books reflect a heritage rich with the truths of that bygone time. Raised among the Cherokee and Osage tribes, Braun learned their traditions and culture, and their philosophy became the foundation of his own beliefs. Like his ancestors, he spent most of his life wandering the mountains and plains of the West. His heritage and his contribution to Western literature resulted in his appointment by the Governor of Oklahoma as a Territorial Marshal.

Braun was the author of forty-seven novels and four nonfiction works, including Black Fox, which was made into a CBS miniseries. Western Writers of America awarded Braun the prestigious Spur Award for his novels Dakota and The Kincaids and the 2004 Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement in Western Literature. Braun passed away in 2016.

Matt Braun

Matt Braun

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