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The One and Only Stuey Lewis

The One and Only Stuey Lewis

Stories from the Second Grade

Stuey Lewis (Volume 1)

Jane Schoenberg, illustrated by Cambria Evans

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)




So what if Stuey isn't the world's best reader, is only allowed to trick or treat around one block, doesn't get to play on his soccer dream team, and has to put up with the most annoying girl on the planet. Somehow Stuey always makes life work and when he puts his mind to it, he can survive anything—even second grade. This hilarious collection of linked short stories, interspersed with sprightly line drawings, marks an impressive chapter book debut.

Illinois Monarch K-3 Children's Choice AW ML, Illinois Monarch Award: K-3 Children's Choice Award Master List


I wake up and decide to have a stomachache that's so bad I have to stay in bed.
"Hey, Stu-pid!" yells my big brother, Anthony, who's four years older than me. "Move it or you'll miss the bus!"
I never let it slide when Anthony calls me stupid....


Praise for The One and Only Stuey Lewis

“...this small volume is well designed for readers who are moving up to chapter books.” —Booklist Online

“Jane Schoenberg has crafted a lovely transition — an easy-to-read chapter book with a few simple drawings.” —USA Today

“Each story neatly encapsulates a dilemma to which most young readers will be able to relate. There are enough laughs to keep them engaged, and pen-and-ink illustrations bring the colorful characters to life.” —SLJ

“Stuey is like many second graders, which is why young readers will eagerly want to read about him.” —Parents Express Philadelphia

“Stuey's fans will be crossing their fingers for a sequel.” —Kirkus Reviews

“His [Stuey] humorous narration has an authentic robustness that suits his personality as well as making this an excellent choice for a group readaloud.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Readers will easily recognize analogues to Stuey and his crew in their own lives and welcome more of his adventures.” —Publishers Weekly

“Schoenberg perfectly captures the humor, and heart, of second grade.” —Claudia Mills, author of 7 x 9 = Trouble!

“Kids will love Stuey's daring schemes, laugh hard and long at his missteps, and sympathize with his hidden fears.” —Ann Cameron, author of The Stories Julian Tells

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Read the Kirkus Review of THE ONE AND ONLY STUEY LEWIS Stories from the Second Grade. Stuey Lewis is filled with angst about reading, Halloween, soccer and one annoying classmate in this big-hearted tale of second grade. - Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Jane Schoenberg, illustrated by Cambria Evans

Jane Schoenberg is a lyricist and author of My Bodyworks and The Baby Hustle, a board book illustrated by Liz Conrad. She lives in western Massachusetts.

Cambria Evans has written and illustrated two picture books, Martha Moth Makes Socks and Bone Soup. She lives in New York City.

Jane Schoenberg

Cambria Evans

Cambria Evans

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