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Legends: Beasts and Monsters

Legends: Beasts and Monsters

Beasts and Monsters


by Anthony Horowitz





Don't mess with the gods. And if they mess with you? Run like hell . . .

Including Gorgons, Banshees, Dragons, Sphinxes and more!

There was a time when monsters and dragons roamed the earth and the gods walked among us. A time of blood, swords and furious battles. A time of legends, heroes, darkness and death . . .

Legends: Beasts and Monsters is the first in a series of masterful retellings of classic myths from the legendary Anthony Horowitz.


The Riddle of the Sphinx
‘What creature has four legs in the morning,
two legs in the afternoon and three legs in
the evening?'
This was almost certainly the first riddle
ever invented. It was told by a ghastly creature


Praise for Legends: Beasts and Monsters

“Under Horowitz's hand, the tales from around the world have a casual tone, accessible language, dry humor, and just enough gore to keep reluctant readers going. Black-and-white illustrations add some excitement and visual interest.” —Horn Book

“The Dragon and Saint George, The Sphinx's Riddle, The Legend of Medusa and The Heroism of Perseus…Horowitz gives each his own personal tweak and polish, retaining much of what made the originals so iconic while giving the stories a welcome update and dusting. It's obvious he's having a lot of fun with this collection . . . will serve as a gateway for younger readers to explore the vast amount of mythology stories on the shelves.” —San Francisco Book Review

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About the author

by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz is a prolific writer for film, theatre and television, but he is best loved for his brilliant children's stories, which include the internationally best-selling series about teenage MI6 agent Alex Rider. He lives in London and has two teenage sons.

Anthony Horowitz

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