Salem Witch

Salem, 1692. Devils and witches are an accepted fact of life and religion. When some girls in the village begin having fits and tremors, their torments are attributed to the action of witches. Elizabeth Putnam and her parents are different from many of the other village folk, and they doubt the superstitions that terrify the town. As Elizabeth struggles to find her way among the alarming events, she also finds herself at odds with George, her best friend and companion since babyhood. Things come to a head when Elizabeth herself is accused of witchcraft, and George must make a difficult choice between what his community believes and what he knows to be true. Readers start the story in Elizabeth's voice and finish the
story in George's voice, where they learn how he finds a resolution to his heartwrenching predicament and the conclusion of his own side of the story.


Praise for Salem Witch

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"..powerful novel...Original."
Children's Literature
Reminiscent of the Newbery-winning Witch of Blackbird Pond, this is a thoughtful, authentic depiction of a time when hysteria reigned. Each version is engaging and suspenseful on its own, but combined they are especially thought-provoking, reminding readers that stories often have (at least) two sides.
School Library Journal
An unusual format brings a fresh angle to this historical event.

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  • Patricia Hermes is a versatile and prolific award-winning author who writes for
    nearly every age group. She has received many awards, including the Smithsonian Notable Book Award, the C. S. Lewis Honor Award, and the award for the New York Public Library Best Book for the Teen Years. Patricia is also the author of My Side of the Story: The Brothers' War. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.


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Salem Witch

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