Mother of Lies

Dave Duncan

Tor Fantasy

The past fifteen years have not been kind to Celebre, the greatest city on Dodec. Its security was threatened and its Doge humiliated by the evil Bloodlord Stralg Hragson. The Doge’s children were kidnapped and taken over the Edge to Vigaelia. And if you think Stralg is bad, wait until you meet his sister Saltaja, a fanatic who sees no human cost as too great to keep her family in power and her goddess, the Mother of Lies, appeased.
But there are a few great hopes for the future of the city. The Mutineer, Marno Cavotti, who will not stand to see his hometown destroyed, is massing a powerful liberation movement inches beyond Stralg’s grasp. And the four heirs of Celebre are wending their way back over the Edge to their birthplace.
Of course, even as Marno and the Celebre children work towards the common goal of defeating the Hrags, they’re all painfully aware that, once that hurdle is crossed, only one of them can wind up on Celebre’s throne.
Continuing the storyline begun in Children of Chaos, Mother of Lies is a fierce, kinetic romp that will keep readers guessing until the last blow is dealt.


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Chapter One MARNO CAVOTTI was better known as the Mutineer. Bloodlord Stralg, the Fist of Weru, had promised years ago that he would buy the Mutineer’s corpse for its weight in gold or pay six times that much for the man alive and fit enough to be tortured. The offer still stood. Any hamlet or city that gave him refuge would be razed and all its inhabitants slain—this offer was still good, too. The Mutineer was coming home, to the city of his birth, which he had not seen since his childhood. It was entirely fitting that he travel under the shadow and protection of a storm


Praise for Mother of Lies

“This smartly plotted fantasy should please not only Duncan's many loyal fans but also those who enjoy the work of Terry Goodkind and Jennifer Fallon.” –Publishers Weekly on Mother of Lies

“A complex tale that successfully incorporates politics, war, polytheistic religion, and family ties.” –Quill and Quire on Mother of Lies

“Duncan is one of our more consistently interesting fantasy authors ... Exciting action scenes and serious interpersonal intrigue enhance an already well-constructed plot." –Critical Mass on Mother of Lies

“Duncan's storytelling has never been better [than] in this superb fantasy.... How the children of Celebre reunite makes for a captivating, adventure-filled story.” --Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Children of Chaos

“The estimable Duncan's mad plots, dark intrigues, vivid cast and lashings of magic leave many engrossing mysteries to be elucidated in volume two.” --Kirkus Reviews on Children of Chaos

“This odd group of siblings...behave nothing at all like the standard protagonists of epic fantasy but a great deal like real people thrust into Interesting Times. . . . Duncan, that wily devil, has done it again!” --Locus on Children of Chaos

“Dave Duncan produces excellent work in book after book, yet never gains the attention he deserves. This is a fun book but with more substance than most light fantasy. . . . Another solid entry by a writer who deserves a wider audience.” --SFReview on Children of Chaos

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  • Dave Duncan

  • Originally from Scotland, Dave Duncan has lived all his adult life in Western Canada, having enjoyed a long career as a petroleum geologist before taking up writing. Since discovering that inventing imaginary worlds is more satisfying than poking holes in the real one, he has published three dozen novels, mostly in the fantasy genre, but also in young adult, science fiction, and historical. He has at times written as Sarah B. Franklin and Ken Hood. He married his wife Janet in 1959 and they have one son and two daughters.

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    Mother of Lies

    Dave Duncan



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