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Jeremy Robinson

After a terrorist attack on a reservation in Oregon leaves thousands dead, Jack Sigler, call sign King, and his Major team must protect the only survivor, thirteen-year-old Fiona Lane. When a death in the family pulls King away, and the rest of the team is sent on a mission, Fort Bragg is attacked by a strange and overwhelming force. When the dust settles, Fiona is gone…

But the attack is part of a larger offensive. Around the world the last speakers of ancient languages are being systematically exterminated. As they fight to find the mastermind behind the killings and Fiona’s kidnapping, the team is hunted by strange creatures that defy explanation—living statues, genetically modified monsters, walking megaliths—sent by an enemy from their past.

Calling on help from old friends and ancient heroes, the team fights their most desperate battle yet, not just to rescue Fiona but to prevent an ancient secret from being unleashed—one that has the power to do no less than destroy the world itself…




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    A book trailer for Threshold, the third Jack Sigler thriller from Jeremy Robinson.



Praise for Threshold

“One hell of a thriller, wildly imaginative and diabolical, which combines ancient legends and modern science into a non-stop action ride that will keep you turning the pages until the wee hours. Relentlessly gripping from start to finish, don’t turn your back on this book!” —Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Impact and Blasphemy

“Robinson’s books have the necessary action and engaging characters to make the reader frantically turn the pages, but Threshold elevates Robinson to the highest tier of over-the-top action authors, like Matthew Reilly and James Rollins. Intense and personal, this book is a great launching point for new readers, and it delivers beyond the expectations even of his fans. The next Chess Team adventure cannot come fast enough.” —Booklist, starred review

“With Threshold Jeremy Robinson goes pedal to the metal into very dark territory. Fast-paced, action-packed and wonderfully creepy!  Highly recommended!” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of The King of Plagues and Rot & Ruin

“In Robinson’s wildly inventive third Chess Team adventure, the U.S. president, Tom Duncan, joins the team in mortal combat against an unlikely but irresistible gang of enemies...Video game on a page? Absolutely. Fast, furious unabashed fun? You bet.” —Publishers Weekly

 “Threshold is a blisteringly original tale that blends the thriller and horror genres in a smooth and satisfying hybrid mix. With his new entry in the Jack Sigler series, Jeremy Robinson plants his feet firmly on territory blazed by David Morrell and James Rollins.  The perfect blend of mysticism and monsters, both human and otherwise, make Threshold as groundbreaking as it is riveting.” —Jon Land, New York Times bestselling author of Strong Enough to Die

“Jeremy Robinson is the next James Rollins.”—Chris Kuzneski, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Throne and The Prophecy

“Jeremy Robinson’s Threshold sets a blistering pace from the very first page and never lets up. This globe-trotting thrill ride challenges its well-crafted heroes with ancient mysteries, fantastic creatures, and epic action sequences. For readers seeking a fun rip-roaring adventure, look no further.” —Boyd Morrison, bestselling author of The Ark

Threshold is my favorite Jack Sigler Thriller so far... I hope one day to see the Chess Team materialize on the big screen. Robinson artfully weaves the modern day military with ancient history like no one else has and I would love to see the adventures of the Chess team come alive in a movie.” —deadrobotssociety.com

“If you thought Pulse and Instinct were fun, just hold on tight my fellow thriller lovers. Jeremy Robinson pulls out all the stops in Threshold making this the most electrifying installment in the series so far. Robinson somehow takes the Tower of Babel, killer statues, giant lizards and insects, Stonehenge, and medieval lore and mixes it all together in this crazy, relentless story that is simply impossible to put down…. I have a blast every time I pick up a Jeremy Robinson novel and Threshold is no exception. I love authors who are dedicated to continually bringing fresh and original content to their fans, and Robinson continues to find ways to do this. If you are longing for a great thriller writer to follow and are tired of waiting a year or more between novels, then give Jeremy Robinson a chance. He’s the perfect combination of quality and frequency in a market that is often lacking both.” —FictionAddict.com


Pulse was a video game in print form, and [Instinct] is a tribute to James Cameron’s film Aliens. Intense and full of riveting plot twists, it is Robinson’s best book yet, and it should secure a place… on the A-list of thriller fans who like the over-the-top style of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly.”—Booklist

“If you like thrillers original, unpredictable and chock-full of action, you are going to love Jeremy Robinson’s Chess Team. Instinct riveted me to my chair.”—Stephen Coonts

“Jeremy Robinson is a fresh new face in adventure writing and will make a mark in suspense for years to come.”—David L. Golemon, New York Times bestselling author of Ancients and Leviathan

Instinct is a jungle fever of raw adrenaline that goes straight for the jugular.”—Thomas Greanias, New York Times bestselling author of The Atlantis Revelation and The Promised War

“Robinson’s slam-bang second Chess Team thriller [is a] a wildly inventive yarn that reads as well on the page as it would play on a computer screen.”—Publishers Weekly

“Jeremy Robinson has done it again. Instinct  is a knock-down, thought inducing, all-out-thrill-fest with enough testosterone to put hair on even the wimpiest of chests. The Chess Team is back and once again they’ll travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to save it.”—thenovelblog.com

“The action and the pacing were spot on with spills, chills and surprises throughout. Thriller fans get ready, because Jeremy Robinson is the next A List Thriller writer!”—Megalith Book Review

And acclaim for Pulse

“Jeremy Robinson’s latest novel, Pulse, ratchets his writing to the next level. Rocket-boosted action, brilliant speculation, and the recreation of a horror out of the mythologic past, all seamlessly blend into a rollercoaster ride of suspense and adventure.”—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Colony

 “Pulse contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for.  Its band of heroes are gutsy and gritty.  Jeremy Robinson has one wild imagination, slicing and stitching his tale together with the deft hand of a surgeon.  Robinson’s impressive talent is on full display in this one.”—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Emporer’s Tomb

“Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Tom Clancy meets Saturday matinee monster flick with myths, monsters, special ops supermen and more high tech weapons than a Bond flick. Pulse is an over-the-top, bullet-ridden good time.”—Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling author of Ancestor

“Greek myth and biotechnology collide in Robinson’s first in a new thriller series... Robinson will have readers turning the pages.” —Publishers Weekly

“Robinson’s latest reads like a video game with tons of action and lots of carnage…The combination of mythology, technology, and high-octane action proves irresistible.”—Booklist

“Here’s a neat twist: a young adventure thriller writer—whose heroes save the world—saves the world of adventure thrillers. In a genre glutted with popcorn gimmicks and tired rip-offs, Jeremy Robinson dares to craft old-fashioned guilty pleasures—far horizons, ancient maps, and classic monsters—hardwired for the 21st century. There’s nothing timid about Robinson as he drops his readers off the cliff without a parachute and somehow manages to catch us an inch or two from doom.”—Jeff Long, New York Times bestselling author of Deeper

“I think Pulse is Jeremy Robinson’s best yet. A really intriguing premise, frightening consequences, wrapped up in roaring adventure.”—Stel Pavlou, bestselling author of Decipher

“An elite task force must stop a genetic force of nature in the form of the legendary Hydra in this latest Jeremy Robinson thriller.  Yet another page-turner!”—Steve Alten, New York Times bestselling author of MEG: Hell’s Aquarium

“A pulse-pounding adventure genetically engineered to mythic effect.”—Thomas Greanias, New York Times bestselling author of The Promised War

Pulse is fun, edge-of-your-seat action laced with questions about humanity and immortality... mixed with witty humor and even something to stimulate my intellect and love for ancient mythology.”—ThinkHero.com

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  • Jeremy Robinson

  • Jeremy Robinson is the author of bestselling thrillers, including Antarktos Rising, The Last Hunter: Descent, The Didymus Contingency and the Jack Sigler Thrillers—including Pulse and Instinct. His novels have been translated into eight languages. Born in the coastal town of Beverly, Massachusetts, Robinson grew up on a steady diet of science fiction, and started out his creative career as a comic book and comic strip illustrator. He is the chairman and founder of New Hampshire AuthorFest, a non-profit organization promoting and supporting literacy in New Hampshire, where he lives with his wife and three children.
  • Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson


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