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From the Good Mountain

From the Good Mountain

How Gutenberg Changed the World

Written and Illustrated by James Rumford

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ISBN: 9781427232526

What was made of rags and bones, soot and seeds? What took a mountain to make?

For the answer, travel back to the fifteenth century—to a time when books were made by hand and a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented a way to print books with movable type.

Written as a series of riddles and illustrated in the style of medieval manuscripts by an award-winning author and artist, From the Good Mountain will intrigue readers of all ages. On every page there is something surprising to learn about how the very thing you are holding in your hands came to be.


Praise for From the Good Mountain

“...a beautiful addition to social-studies units about medieval Europe, inventions, and even literacy.” —School Library Journal, starred

“…a lyrical investigation of the high tech world of the fifteenth century.” —BCCB

“[an] expressive introduction to Gutenberg and his revolutionary printing press.” —Publishers Weekly

“...intriguingly designed and vividly illustrated...” —Booklist

“...offers fascinating descriptions of the steps and materials involved in 15th-century bookmaking.” —Kirkus

About the author

Written and Illustrated by James Rumford

As a papermaker, letterpress printer, and binder, James Rumford brings to this most recent book not only his love of the printed book but also his knowledge of a craft fast disappearing. James lives in Honolulu with his wife Carol, where he runs Manoa Press, which makes handmade books. From the Good Mountain is his third book for Roaring Brook Press.

James Rumford