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The Lovers' Book

The Lovers' Book

More than 350 Inspired Ideas, Fun Facts and Time-tested Techniques to Make You the Best Lover Ever

Kate Gribble

St. Martin's Press



Stuffed with lore, history, tips, tricks and theories about love, romance, and relationships, The Lovers' Book is the ultimate-and almost erudite-confection for everyone who is in love or wants to attract a lover. Charmingly designed and simply but elegantly presented, The Lovers' Book can be the perfect starter for a new romance or reviver of a long-term one. In The Lovers' Book, students of the art of attraction will find:

--All the types of kisses (from butterfly to vacuum and French)
--A lover's glossary (from "oscillation" to "uxorious")
--The perfect recipes for breakfast in bed (from Champagne fizz to strawberries dipped in honey)
--The most romantic places in the United States (from Charleston, SC to New Orleans, LA)
--The ten most romantic movies (from "An Affair to Remember" to "Titanic")
--The most fascinating stories from lovers throughout history (from Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Robert Browning to Annie Oakley and Frank Butler)
--The science behind falling in love (from why attraction happens to what makes it stick, chemically)

Full of swoonworthy tips, facts and amorous anecdotes, The Lovers' Book is a far smarter gift than that ubiquitous box of chocolates or tired old red rose bouquet.


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About the author

Kate Gribble

KATE GRIBBLE is an editor and writer. She is a published poet and the author of five books. She lives in west London.

Kate Gribble

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