Sticky Fingers

Roxy Abruzzo (Volume 2)

Nancy Martin

Minotaur Books

Roxy Abruzzo stays one step ahead of trouble----especially now that her cash flow is less than stellar, and she's "doing favors" for her slippery uncle Carmine, one of the last old-time Mob bosses in Pittsburgh.

With her sidekick, Nooch, and her thieving pitbull, Rooney, Roxy hustles the mean streets collecting debts for Uncle Carmine and keeping his customers in line. With her daughter's college tuition to pay, Roxy can almost convince herself that the shady jobs are legal. But when Carmine's consigliere offers Roxy a contract to kidnap someone, that's a line she won’t cross.

Trouble is the kidnapping happens anyway, and when the victim turns up murdered, Roxy’s number one on the police hit parade. To protect herself, she investigates and soon learns the victim had a big secret---or two. Add a rock singer with a penchant for dinosaur bones and throw in a pesky paleontologist, plus an ex-nun with a mustache problem---not to mention a sexy chef with a taste for whatever Roxy dishes up---and you've got a caper full of quirky characters and laugh-out-loud mayhem.

Peppered as usual with Nancy Martin’s sharp one-liners, Sticky Fingers---the second Roxy Abruzzo mystery---is even tastier than the first.


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The first thing I noticed as I was sitting in a squad car was that police cruisers don’t have seatbelts in the back. Me, I’m used to traveling through life without a seatbelt. I’m a no-retraints kinda girl. But today my wrists were in handcuffs so tight I felt like a Christmas turkey, and I planned on bringing up the issue with my arresting officer.
Trouble was, Detective Duffy was already plenty ticked off at me. Behind the wheel, he snapped his cell phone shut, turned around, and said through the screen, “Roxy, behave yourself. I gotta take a detour.”


Praise for Sticky Fingers

Praise for Foxy Roxy

“A hilarious combination of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Lisa Scottoline’s Bennie Rosato”
---(New Orleans) Times-Picayune

“Light years away from Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, and is grittier and more sexual than Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan.”
---Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“In this stellar first in a new series, Martin introduces Roxy Abruzzo, ultra-sexy Pittsburgh sleuth and owner of Bada Bling Architectural Salvage. . . . A tough girl like Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, if with an edgier vibe . . . A wild cat-and-mouse game with a killer that will leave Martin’s fans clamoring for more.”
---Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“An unusual frame story, well-drawn characters, and an interesting mystery are pluses for this Pittsburgh-set crime novel.”

“Verdict: This new series by the author of the best-selling Blackbird Sisters Mysteries introduces a tough-as-nails heroine. . . . A clever and naughty mystery.”
---Library Journal

“Her architectural-salvage business involves Roxy Abruzzo in a number of exciting finds, including an unexpected case of murder. . . . Martin’s change of sleuths . . . to gritty Pittsburgh tough gal Roxy is a definite improvement.”
---Kirkus Reviews

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STICKY FINGERS by Nancy Martin | Kirkus Book Reviews
Read the Kirkus Review of STICKY FINGERS . An architectural salvager discovers that the real trash can be found among Pittsburgh's intellectual elite.
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  • Nancy Martin

  • Nancy Martin, winner of the Lifetime Achievement award for mystery writing from RT Book Reviews, is the author of Foxy Roxy and the bestselling Blackbird Sisters mysteries. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia.

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