A Grey Moon Over China

Thomas A. Day

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Army engineer Eduardo Torres is caught up in the world’s raging oil wars when he stumbles onto the plans for a quantum-energy battery. This remarkable device could slow civilization’s inevitable descent into environmental disaster, but Torres has other plans. Forming a private army, he uses the device to revive an abandoned space colonization effort in an ambitious campaign to lead humanity to a new life in a distant solar system.

The massive endeavor faces many challenges before the fleet finally embarks for the Holzstein System many light-years away. But even as the feuding colonists struggle to carve out homes on alien worlds, they discover that they have not left their old conflicts and inner demons behind.

Nor are they alone on this new frontier. Awaiting them are inhuman beings who strike without warning or explanation--and who may spell the end of humanity’s last hope.

Epic in scope, yet filled with searing human drama and emotion, A Grey Moon Over China is a monumental science fiction saga by an amazing new talent. Its original publication by Black Heron Press was  named one of the “Best Books of 2006" by Kirkus Reviews.

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Chapter One


There were times on the island, late in the summer of 2027, when I thought I could hear the sun hissing off the ground. It was the same noise that the insects made in the jungle, out there on our miserable little cluster of Pacific islands, misbegotten and nameless somewhere south of the Marshalls, and it pressed down on me like the dust that hung in the air and stained it yellow. 

But if I closed my eyes, I could imagine the noise was the sound of water, instead. On some days there was only the sun, hissing down on the islands and the ocean,


Praise for A Grey Moon Over China

"Inventive, disturbing, intriguingly populated, and utterly fascinating: an altogether remarkable debut."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on A Grey Moon Over China

"A Grey Moon Over China paints an engrossing high-tech-decaying-into-low-tech future, with lots of Machiavellian intrigue and a fascinating struggle by humans to understand their machines."--Entertainment Weekly

"[Presents] a grimly optimistic picture of the future while telling the personal stories of his characters as they struggle to make their way in an uncertain world."--Library Journal on A Grey Moon Over China
"This well-written, decidedly grim novel is replete with strong, thorny characters, fast-paced action sequences, and rich descriptions of human folly and true heroism."--Publishers Weekly on A Grey Moon Over China

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  • THOMAS A. DAY works as a forensic software and intellectual property analyst, serving as an expert witness in high-stakes technology litigation. He lives with his wife and two sons in Portland, Oregon.



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