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Girls in Trouble

Girls in Trouble

A Novel

Caroline Leavitt

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In this heart-wrenching story of an open adoption gone wrong, Caroline Leavitt's Girls in Trouble reveals the astonishing power of family bonds and maternal love. Sara is sixteen and pregnant. Her once-devoted boyfriend seems to have disappeared, so she decides her best and only option is an open adoption with George and Eva, a couple desperate for a child. After the birth it's clear Sara has a bond with the child that Eva can't seem to duplicate. When it seems that Sara cannot let go, Eva and George make a drastic decision, with devastating consequences for all of them.


Sara's pains are coming ten minutes apart now. Every time one comes, she jolts herself against the side of the car, trying to disappear. Everything outside is whizzing past her from the car window because Jack, her father, is speeding, something...


Praise for Girls in Trouble

“Caroline Leavitt's writing is so fluid, her characters so well realized, I found myself reading Girls In Trouble nearly until the sun came up. When I was finished I felt as though I had made a new friend, and had stayed up all night listening to her stories.” —Pam Houston

“Heartfelt, filled with humanity, this story about the different forms of family bonds is a joy to read.” —Elizabeth Strout, author of Amy and Isabelle

“The beauty of Caroline Leavitt's writing is in her flawless depiction of our human flaws. In Girls in Trouble, we ache for Sara, whose youthful decision will color the rest of her life--a poignant story of family and love, of what we lose, and sometimes, what we find again.” —Gail Tsukiyama, author of Dreaming Water

“Kept me pinned to the page, swept along in an intense emotional journey with characters so real they seemed like friends. A beautifully written, moving and very wise book.” —Kate Grenville, Orange Prize winning author of The Idea of Perfection

“Astonishing...there is a radiant joy that shines through it...a novel as rich and complex as it is meticulous.” —Laura Kasischke, author of The Life Before Her Eyes

“A page-turner with rare emotional accuracy and tender fairness to its constellation of characters. A generous and poignant novel.” —Joan Silber, author of Lucky Us and In My Other Life

“A complex, multilayered, unsentimental tale of longing, greed, selfishness, compassion, confusion, rejection, terror and absolute, overwhelming love. I loved this beautiful book, and the key it offers us, opening up the secrets of how families really work.” —Carolyn See, author of Making a Literary Life

“What makes Caroline Leavitt's work so remarkable is her ability to conjure a whole range of disparate and difficult characters onto the page and to make us care deeply about each and all of them. Girls in Trouble is both utterly engrossing and richly satisfying.” —Margot Livesey, author of Eva Moves the Furniture

“A touching, heartfelt story showing that love can be a tangled journey” —Sandra Benitez, author of A Place Where the Sea Remembers and The Weight of All Things

“Sara Rothman could be anybody's daughter...but her frank, warm, wise, gripping story, Girls in Trouble, could only be Caroline Leavitt's.” —Abby Frucht, author of Polly's Ghost and Are You Mine?

“Leavitt's heroine was pregnant at sixteen, and so was I....This book made me not only want to talk about what happened to me, but to claim it.” —Suzanne Beecher, Chapter-a-Day Bookclubs and Working Mother book columnist

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Caroline Leavitt

Caroline Leavitt is the author of several previous novels, including Is This Tomorrow and Living Other Lives. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, with her husband Jeff and their son Max.

Caroline Leavitt

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