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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

A Mystery Featuring Forensic Geologist Em Hansen

Em Hansen Mysteries (Volume 12)

Sarah Andrews

Minotaur Books




Rivers, oceans, streams, lakes—it doesn't matter what shape it takes, Em Hansen is terrified of the water. She hasn't shared her phobia with her new husband, Fritz, and when his best friend, Tiny, organizes a month-long, private, white-water rafting trip through the Grand Canyon as a wedding gift, she can't tell him how awful the trip sounds. Fritz and Tiny cobble together a party of fourteen people for the trip, but at the last minute, Tiny finds himself in the hospital and has to miss the trip. He fills his spot with George "Wink" Oberley, ostensibly a geology Ph.D. candidate at Princeton and expert river rafter, but Em immediately suspects there's more to his story.

Then the rafting trip Em had been trying so hard to enjoy veers further off course than she had ever expected: Someone disappears from their party, and a dead body washes up downstream. Now it's up to Em to figure out what happened—and whether she and her husband and stepson are sharing rafts, food supplies, and tents with a murderer.

Rock Bottom, the latest in Sarah Andrews's beloved Em Hansen series, will delight readers with its breathtaking scenery and riveting mystery.


U.S. National Park Service, Grand Canyon National Park
Transcript of communication received by satellite phone by dispatcher Cleome James
April 16, 0945 hrs.

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Praise for Rock Bottom

“Andrews sets a satisfying combination of mystery, politics, science and history in a land of stark beauty and ever-present danger.” —Kirkus (starred review) on In Cold Pursuit

“This is a chiller from beginning through mounting suspense to the dramatic finish. . .Intriguing and incredibly dangerous.” —The Oklahoman on In Cold Pursuit

“An appealing main character and a wealth of fascinating details involving land preservation, forensic geology, western art, and the science of paint pigment add depth to the latest entry in a solid series.” —Booklist on Earth Colors

“[Em Hansen is] a clear-thinking, straight-talking heroine whose unabashed naïveté is endearing.” —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review, on Killer Dust

“Ably combining science and suspense, Andrews once again entertains and educates, making the driest dust theory intriguing and portraying Florida's landscape in a new geophysical light.” —Publishers Weekly on Killer Dust

In the Press

Read the Kirkus Review of ROCK BOTTOM . The Grand Canyon provides a stunningly scenic backdrop for murder. - Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Sarah Andrews

SARAH ANDREWS, a professional geologist, has won numerous science and writing awards for her mysteries. She lives in Northern California.

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews

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