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A Lee Henry Oswald Mystery

Lee Henry Oswald Mysteries (Volume 3)

Harry Hunsicker

Minotaur Books




"Crosshairs delivers the goods: Layered, intense, and rich with deadly characters. Hunsicker is an emerging star." —Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author

Hard-nosed Dallas detective Lee Henry Oswald is back…
and he's better than ever.

All he wants is to be left alone, a normal existence away from the assorted creeps and lowlifes inherent to his former profession as a private investigator. Unfortunately, peace and solitude are hard to find for Lee Oswald, a battle-hardened veteran of the first Gulf War, now weary after a decade as the fix-it man of last resort on the back streets of Dallas.
But when internationally-renowned medical researcher Anita Nazari begs him to help find the person threatening her daughter's life, Oswald reluctantly returns to the shadowy world he's tried so hard to leave behind. Once there, he finds himself engaged in a high stakes battle against a man known only as the Professor, a former intelligence operative intent on destroying the results of the doctor's latest research, a seemingly innocuous discovery about the mystery illness dubbed the Gulf War Syndrome.
The retired agent leads Oswald on a deadly search for the one man who can identify him and thus unravel a conspiracy of shady former government officials with an unhealthy interest in Dr. Nazari and her work. When Oswald locates the missing witness and learns the startling information the man possesses, Oswald places his allegiance with the truth, as he fights back against an enemy more insidious and deadly than he's ever faced.
Gritty, tough, and smart, Hunsicker's tightly-wrapped thriller will leave you breathless long after the final page.



The man in the sunglasses couldn't decide whether to kill or only maim. The many options available left a pleasant sensation in the pit of his stomach, not unlike the initial stages of sexual arousal.

He smiled and slid a...


Praise for Crosshairs

Still River was marvelous. A writer who takes the massive risk of naming his character Lee Henry Oswald has to have a hell of a book to back it up and Harry Hunsicker certainly does. Crosshairs is even better, a tremendous step up in every sense. Crosshairs has one gem of a plot and has a thread of compassion that is truly moving and rarely found in mystery. The last fifty pages have all the elements of a first rate thriller, and the ending is as blunt as it is unexpected. The terrific joy of Crosshairs is the dialogue--crisp, in your face and as raw and as mean as the east streets of Dallas, but with a fine line of humor shot through. This is already one of the best series and has a confidence and assuredness that doesn't usually occur til book six or seven. I'm already impatient for the next installment.” —Ken Bruen, author of The Dramatist

“A triumph.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Harry Hunsicker

Harry Hunsicker lives in Dallas, the fourth generation of his family to call the city home. His debut book, Still River, was nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First Novel. Crosshairs is his third novel.

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