The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog

Marian Babson

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Dame Cecile Savoy's "revolting floor mop" of a Pekinese has passed away at a ripe old age. Now, the aging British actress convinces her rivals on stage and screen, Trixie and Evangeline, to support her in her hour of grief...by accompanying her to a taxidermist. But it's a cab ride straight to a cat-astrope! No sooner do the three elderly thespians enter "Stuff Yours" than they discover a dead body, a live kitty in a cage, and flames bursting from the back room. Fortunately for a rare Japanese bobtail called Cho-Cho-San, Trixie grabs the cat before fleeing the scene. But who's the victim? Who set the fire? And why was a gorgeous feline going to be stuffed? Of course, Cho-Cho-San knows more than she's letting on as the curtain goes up on foul play, murderous jealousies, and a killer who may be going to the dogs....


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The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog
Chapter OneIf you ask me, Dame Cecile Savoy was overdoing it. Chewing the scenery, in fact. I'm as sympathetic as the next person - providing the next person isn't Evangeline - but she was beginning to set my teeth on edge.I mean, widow's weeds were all very well in their day, I suppose, but I can't imagine where she'd even found any in this day and age. They must have been left over from some ancient theatrical production - East Lynne, perhaps. Especially that long, all-enveloping, rusty black cloak.The draped black veil concealed her face. Judging by the whimpering


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Outstanding Praise For Marian Babson And Her Mysteries

To Catch A Cat
"This charmer may be the pick of the litter."--Booklist

"Babson weaves her separate threads into a tight plot...a swift and sure climax leads to a clever and satisfying resolution."--Publishers Weekly

"A quick, suspenseful story."--Mystery News

"Robin's sudden, urgent bonding with Leif Eriksson provides a clever, wholly apt vehicle for the usual in-cat-uation."-Kirkus Reviews

"An eminently delightful book...deft and enjoyable."--HandHeld Crime

"Babson has a pleasantly light touch despite the subject matter. The reader becomes interested in the characters as the story dashes to a dramatic end with surprises along the way." -San Jose Mercury News

The Company Of Cats
"[A] slinky felineextravaganza."-Publishers Weekly

"Her portrayal of the kindhearted, martini-swigging Annabel is a winner...as are the descriptions of various feline characters."-Booklist

"What can a reviewer say about Marian Babson? If you haven't read at least one of her books, you have definitely missed the boat. She is consistently witty."-Mystery News

"Marian Babson's name on a mystery is a guarantee of quality writing wrapped around an unusual crime."-Houston Chronicle

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  • Marian Babson

  • Marian Babson was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but has spent most of her adult life in England. She is the author of more than thirty delightful mysteries, including several previous stories featuring the aging movie and stage stars, Trixie and Evangeline.


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Marian Babson

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