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Bridges to Heaven

Bridges to Heaven

True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side

Sue Frederick

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Death is not the end. In fact, your loved ones who have passed are watching you, helping you, and healing you-though you may not know it. In this highly emotional book, lifelong intuitive Sue Frederick takes you through the process of connecting with the other side to:

- Use your intuition to understand that your loved ones are at peace
- See into the other side to feel and release your pain
- Help loved ones cross over
- Use your own birth path number to discover what obstacles you might have on this journey and how to overcome them
- Understand a bigger view of spirituality and what happens after life
- And so much more

Filled with heartwarming, reassuring stories of Sue's own experiences and those of others, Bridges to Heaven is a landmark book about grief, mourning, death, and life.



The veil between the realms is thinner than you think—thin and transparent. Close your eyes and feel it.…
THERE WAS NEVER A time when spirits didn't speak to me, walk across my bedroom...


Praise for Bridges to Heaven

“This book will open your heart and change your life.” —Carsten Spencer, Spiritual Leader, Unity Church, Ukiah, CA. & founder of Love Life Coaching

“Little did I know when I read Sue Frederick's book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side that she would change my life forever...I'm grateful to Sue for her shared experiences and her wisdom which are the reminders that I needed for my journey helping others.” —Judith Hamilton, PhD, Coach, Hospice volunteer

“Society is upside down on death and I gratefully applaud Sue's brave commitment to changing our perspective with Bridges to Heaven. None of us can escape the death process, so we might as well get right with it.” —Meardis Wells, Owner Urban Paw Prints & Luv What U Do, Denver, CO

“Sue's work is uniquely insightful and accurate. She's right on target & continues to inspire me!” —Ingrid Johnson, founder of The Baby Parenting Coach Institute on Sue Frederick

“Sue's work is brilliant!” —Dana Moorman, Business Development & Leadership Coach on Sue Frederick

“My work with Sue changed my life!! I simply cannot thank her enough for the new perspective she brought to my life story.” —Heather Hans, MSW, Psychotherapist on Sue Frederick

“Reading Sue's books and and working with her is one of the great blessings of being alive at this time.” —Katherine Dreyer, Co-founder, CEO, ChiLiving, Inc. on Sue Frederick

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About the author

Sue Frederick

An intuitive since childhood, Sue Frederick draws upon dreams, powerful intuition, and conversations with spirits to help you talk to your departed loved ones and heal your grief. She's the founder of the Grief Intuitive Coaching Institute and has trained more than 300 Intuitive Coaches. She's a frequent guest on radio shows and has presented workshops at venues such The Omega Institute, Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center and the American Business Women's Association. She's the author of I See Your Dream Job and I See Your Soul Mate.

Sue Frederick

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Sue Frederick

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