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Confronting Bias, Lies and the Special Interests That Divide America

Larry Elder

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The Ten Things You Can't Say in America struck a chord with eager readers across the country, exposing truths others have been too afraid to address. In his new book, Elder is out to slay entrenched and enmeshed special interest groups, government agencies with the capacity to meddle in Americans' lives and businesses, lawmakers who continue a pattern of outrageous overtaxation, and those who would hamstring this country with good intentions.

Showdown demonstrates how the nation would be better, stronger and safer with less gvernment intervention and how individuals would not only cope but thrive without the so-called safety net. Showdown is a call to arms for a truly free society. Elder discusses:

- What a Republican-led government means for progress
- Where a responsible government would put its citizens' tax dollars
- Why racial and sex discrimination are non-issues in the 21st century.

Larry Elders straight talk and common-sense solutions spare no one and will inspire his passionate and growing audience.


Praise for Showdown

“Saving the Republic is just what we're doing. Showdown is helping me keep my eye on the ball. Great Read!” —Congresman David Dreier

“A wake-up call to those who do not want America to end up as a round-robin game of pickpocket to determine who is the most effective special pleader.” —William Niskanen, Chairman of the CATO Instituite

“Elder's new book is not for the timid and weak of mind...No special interest group escapes the author's indictment...Elder's voice is refreshing even when you disagree with him.” —Publishers Weekly

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Larry Elder

Larry Elder is the host of "The Larry Elder Show" on KABC in Los Angeles, the #1 drive time radio show, for four hours each weekday. He is the host of a syndicated television show, "Moral Court," which airs in TK markets nationwide. He also writes a monthly column for Investors Business Daily and a syndicated column in fifteen national newspapers.

Larry Elder

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