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The Genesis Prayer

The Genesis Prayer

Discover the Ancient Secret to Modern Miracles

Jeffrey Meiliken

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A prayer that promises miracles

"This book is for anyone who wants a miracle, has ever wanted to see God's work in action, or needed proof of His existence. It is for the doubters and believers alike.

If you think nothing is out there, think again. Whether you're an agnostic astrophysicist or a seminary priest, you will discover an ancient gift that works every time, no questions asked. By the time you finish this book, your perception of the universe will have changed.

If you thought God was out there but not listening, you may discover that you have been tuning into the wrong channels. It doesn't matter whether you want to call it the Light Force of God, the creative power of the Lord, or any other expression of omnipotent omniscience because as you'll soon discover, you have the ability to tap into it. In fact, you've had the ability all along.

If you ever wondered if anyone was listening or if anyone cared, you'll soon see for yourself the benevolence that's been available to you and all of us since the dawn of time. You'll learn why the ancient sages said the Light Force always gives, always listens, and always answers. Find out how to get heard. Find out what you've been missing. See an infinite stream of miracles spread out before you, guiding your every step. As you rethink everything you've ever known, you'll see that life is not supposed to be difficult; man isn't supposed to suffer; fate isn't some abstraction beyond our control, and your life can indeed be wonderful".--From the Introduction


Chapter One

I Discover the Power of
the Genesis Prayer

My story with the Genesis Prayer, or Ana B'ko'ack (pronounced Anna BeKo-ak), began five years ago when I started studying the pre-Islamic, pre-Christian, pre-Jewish,...


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About the author

Jeffrey Meiliken

Jeffrey Meiliken, a mathematician with twenty years experience analyzing the commonalities of ancient cultures, is a leading authority on the structural encryptions embedded in the artifacts of many cultures, including the Nazcas of Peru, the Egyptians, and the early Israelites. A student of spirituality for even longer, he frames this hidden knowledge within the context of each culture's esoteric wisdom. Having lived many years overseas including eight years in South America, he currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children. A corporate consultant on the use of influential numbers, he travels the country lecturing on ancient encrypted mathematics and giving seminars on the Genesis Prayer.

Jeffrey Meiliken

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