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Andrea Alban Gosline

Andrea Alban Gosline
Nano K. Visser/Photos By Nano

Andrea Alban Gosline is the co-creator of inspirational books, greeting cards, and guided journals, with illustrator Lisa Burnett Bossi. Written with heart by Andrea, and transformed with a lush palette by Lisa, their creative works draws on a love of family and nature's wonders. They are also the author and illustrator of January's Child: A Birthday Month Book (Scholastic, January 2007), Ten Little Wishes (Harper, Spring 2007), and Celebrating Motherhood (Conari Press, 2002).

San Francisco, CA

Favorite books:
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Secret Garden and The Little Prince

Fun/interesting facts:
Andrea says, "I once rode a cow. I wix my mords when I'm tired. I was the tallest girl in my 6th grade class, but I haven't grown an inch since then and most people are taller than me now since I'm only 5'3"."

The Happiness Tree

Andrea Alban Gosline; Illustrated by Lisa Burnett Bossi
Feiwel & Friends
Feiwel & Friends

A celebration of one of nature's most precious resources, and a call to action that even the youngest readers will understand.

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