Macmillan’s Anti-Piracy Initiatives

Report Suspected Piracy

The easy availability of pirated works online affects the entire book publishing community, including authors, readers, publishers, agents and booksellers. The effects of piracy can range from the tangible (lost sales, lower author royalties) to the intangible (decline in the perception of the value of a book).

To help combat digital piracy and protect our authors’ content, Macmillan has instituted a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Macmillan has created a piracy enforcement division which, in conjunction with our legal department, manages all of our anti-piracy efforts.
  • Macmillan has engaged Covington & Burling, a leading anti-piracy service, to monitor known piracy and file sharing web sites and services, and to issue take-down notices when pirated content is found.
  • Macmillan has published a simple webform (available here for anyone to report pirated content found online). When the form is completed a request is automatically sent to Covington & Burling to initiate a take-down notice. These tips supplement Covington & Burling’s automatic monitoring.
  • Macmillan works with national and international organizations to stay abreast of new technology and solutions, participate in important litigation, refer sites to law enforcement and hire investigators for international piracy.
  • Macmillan Publishers is dedicated to global protection, including the titles of our sister companies in Australia, UK and Germany.

While these efforts have been helpful at stemming the tide of illegal piracy online, our job is not done. Technology and law are constantly evolving and vigilance by the entire publishing community is required. Please join us in helping to protect the work of all of our authors by participating in our anti-piracy efforts.

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