Aurélie Neyret

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Photo Credit: Unknown

About the Author

Aurélie Neyret is an illustrator from Lyon, France. When she was little, she dreamed of living on a boat; collected all sorts of strange and useless things; and loved to hide away and read all night long, to build clubhouses, and—more than anything else—to draw! Today, her approach to life hasn’t changed much, and she works hard to bring her projects to fruition. After a brief time at the Émile Cohl school in Lyon, she decided to squirrel away in her secret hideout (location still unknown) so she could develop her style on her own. After that, she worked for La Presse international edition. She created illustrations for various kids’ magazines (J’aime Lire, Histoire Junior) and invited readers on an adventure with Les Vacances de Monsieur Rhino (Mister Rhino’s Vacation), a children’s book written by Raphaël Baud, published by Chocolat. After several graphic novel publications in anthologies, she and Joris Chamblain put together their first book: Les Carnets de Cerise (Cici’s Journal), originally published by the Métamorphose imprint of Soleil.