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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

Voted the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Trainer of the Year in 2008, Ben Greenfield is recognized as one of the top fitness, triathlon and nutrition experts in the nation, with multiple books and DVDs to his credit. He is the host of the popular Get-Fit Guy podcast at with an average 170,000 downloads per month. Ben coaches and trains individuals for weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, and sports performance all over the world via his company, Pacific Elite Fitness. He also runs the Rock Star Triathlete, the Internet's top school for learning the sport of triathlon and the business of triathlon coaching. Ben's popular fitness, nutrition and wellness website ( features blogs, podcasts, and product reviews. His credentials include: Bachelor's and Master's degrees from University of Idaho in sports science and exercise physiology, personal training and strength and conditioning certifications from the NSCA, a sports nutrition certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and over 10 years experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports. Ben is a top-ranked triathlete for Triathlon Northwest and has finished multiple Ironmans.


<a href="">Get-Fit Guy's Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body (Trailer)</a>

Get-Fit Guy's Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body (Trailer)

Quick and Dirty Tips presents, Get-Fit Guy's Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body (Trailer), with Get-Fit Guy, Ben Greenfield.

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    Ben Greenfield
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