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Omar Robert Hamilton

Omar Robert Hamilton
Sam Waxman

Omar Robert Hamilton is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. Based in Cairo and New York, he has written for The Guardian, the London Review of Books, and Guernica. He is cofounder of both Mosireen, a Cairo media collective formed in 2011, and the Palestine Festival of Literature. The City Always Wins is his debut novel.


<a href="">THE CITY ALWAYS WINS by Robert Omar Hamilton - TRAILER #1</a>

THE CITY ALWAYS WINS by Robert Omar Hamilton - TRAILER #1

Deeply enmeshed in the 2011 uprising in Tahrir Square, Mariam and Khalil move through Cairo’s surging streets and roiling political underground. From the communal highs of night battles against the police to the solitary lows of post-revolutionary exile, Omar Robert Hamilton’s bold debut cuts to the psychological heart of one the key chapters in the twenty-first century.


The City Always Wins

Omar Robert Hamilton

A debut novel that captures the experience of the Egyptian revolution like no news report could

The City Always Wins is a novel from the front line of a revolution....

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