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Richard J. Ablin

Richard J.  Ablin, PhD,  DSc (HON)  is a professor of Pathology at University of Arizona College of Medicine. In 1970 he identified PSA—the  prostate specific antigen that is used as a test for prostate cancer. For decades he has fought against the misuse of his discovery, including a 2010 New York Times op-ed titled "The Great Prostate Mistake.' He is the author of the book The Great Prostate Hoax   and lives in Tucson, AZ.

Richard J. Ablin

The Great Prostate Hoax

Richard J. Ablin, PhD with Ronald Piana
St. Martin's Publishing Group
St. Martin's Press

Every year, more than a million men undergo painful needle biopsies for prostate cancer, and upward of 100,000 have radical prostatectomies, resulting in incontinence and impotence. But the shocking...

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