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Richie Frieman

Richie Frieman

A modern day Renaissance man, Richie Frieman is the host of the popular Modern Manners Guy podcast on the Quick and Dirty Tips network (with nearly 7 million podcast downloads!). His distinct voice stems from his colorful career history, which includes stints as a professional artist and a professional wrestler. Whether in the boardroom or in the wrestling ring, Richie has seen manners at their finest and their most bizarre. Richie’s outlook on modern manners is humorous, honest, and above all else, practical. He is routinely featured on FOX News, Huffington Post, Shape, FHM, Sharp MagazineBaltimore Sun, and many other media outlets. Richie is founder/CEO of the award-winning music and lifestyle magazine Pens Eye View, for which he was awarded a Laureate medal at the 2008 Computerworld Honors Program (formerly known as the Smithsonian Award). Richie is also the author of several award-winning children's books and the founder of Charm City Babies, a fashion line that creates rock n’ roll-inspired onesies and donates one article of clothing to charities worldwide for every one article sold. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children. 


<a href="">Why You Should Always Have a Backup Tie</a>

Why You Should Always Have a Backup Tie

Ever have a casual outfit at work, only to get called into an important meeting? Quick and Dirty Tips presents, Why You Should Always Have a Backup Tie, with Modern Manners Guy, Richie Frieman. In this video, learn the benefits of keeping a backup tie (or scarf) with you in case you need a quick fashion pick up.


Richie Frieman

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Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

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Mignon Fogarty, Monica Reinagel, Stever Robbins, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Sanaz Majd, Laura Adams, Adam Freedman, Richie Frieman, Jason Marshall, Lisa Marshall, Jolanta Benal, and Amanda Thomas
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An essential primer for life after college from the experts at Quick and Dirty Tips.

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