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Roger Sparks

Roger Sparks
Joe Yelverton

Retired MASTER SERGEANT ROGER SPARKS has served within the military as both a Recon Marine and an Air Force Pararescueman for over 25 years. Sparks is a recipient of the Silver Star, one of our nation's highest awards for valor, for his actions during a fierce firefight with insurgents in Afghanistan’s Watapur Valley on Nov. 14, 2010. Sparks has transitioned from a career of special operations into the civilian world as an artist, author and speaker. He lives with his family in Eagle River, Alaska.

Roger Sparks

Warrior's Creed

Roger Sparks with Don Rearden
St. Martin's Publishing Group
St. Martin's Griffin

The riveting story of how a young boy's upbringing with outlaw culture and charismatic role models forged him into an elite Marine and a decorated Pararescueman.


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