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Ronan Frost

In another life, RONAN FROST worked for the British Ministry of Defence. During the last year of the Cold War his main duties involved liaison with intelligence operatives working behind the Iron Curtain, and after Glasnost and Perestroika changed the geopolitical face of the Eastern Bloc he found himself working mainly with the Royal Navy during Operation Granby during the first Gulf War. After leaving, he worked alongside economic experts developing a plan for rationalization and centralization of the British Royal Navy which was presented to the House of Commons. Now retired from that career, he lives in Europe with his wife and dog, enjoying a much quieter life. White Peak is Ronan Frost's first novel.

Ronan Frost

White Peak

Ronan Frost
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Press

Ronan Frost's White Peak is a fast-paced action thriller full of death-defying adventure.

Greg Rask, a dying tech billionaire, has invested millions chasing miracle cures. None of them...

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