Taimani Emerald

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About the Author

Taimani Emerald is a single mother, an author, illustrator, and activist focused on using art to help us all learn about the big stuff. Diversity, equity, inclusion and empowerment are at the heart of every piece that she creates. Her whimsical illustrations create a ripple effect of change throughout the entire world. She and her work have been featured on GMA, Huffington Post, I Heart Radio, UNTV NEWS and Koin 6 News. Taimani has hand-sold over 3,000 copies of her posters, and has also run several campaigns that allowed her to spread the message of inclusive education by sending free posters to schools and institutions in need around the world. Her art spreads a message of hope and is revolutionizing the way we educate, the way we embrace, and the way we call for change.