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Grant: A Biography

Great Generals

Author: John Mosier; Foreword by General Wesley K. Clark

Grant: A Biography

Grant: A Biography


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The newest biography in Wesley Clark's Great Generals series details the life and legacy of one of America's most ingenious military minds

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Grant: A Biography tells of the extraordinary life and legacy of one of America's most ingenious military minds

A modest and unassuming man, Grant never lost a battle, leading the Union to victory over the Confederacy during the Civil War, ultimately becoming President of the reunited states. Grant revolutionized military warfare by creating new leadership tactics by integrating new technologies in classical military strategy.

In this compelling biography, John Mosier reveals the man behind the military legend, showing how Grant's creativity and genius off the battlefield shaped him into one of our nation's greatest military leaders.

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“An outstanding contribution to General Wesley Clark's Great Generals Series...Mosier writes with great conviction and concision. It is easy to fall under his spell...What makes Mosier such an attractive writer is his iconoclasm and his ability to reargue history and biography...Written with verve and directness.” —The New York Sun

“Concise and informative . . . Mosier does an excellent job explaining Grant's genius for the art of war. . . . [A] Lucid, enlightening picture of the general and what made him truly unique.” —Military Review

“A solid description of the most effective Union general. Grant has been consistently underestimated and Mosier helps correct that.” —Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the US House of Representatives and author of Gettysburg and Grant Comes East

“Mosier has written the best appraisal of Grant's generalship ever to appear. Synthesizing and occasionally rebutting the estimates made by various experts--military historians, biographers, and prominent military men--Mosier has gone farther than anyone in proclaiming Grant to have been a military genius, one who in a number of ways surpassed both Napoleon and Wellington. This is a bold thesis, but Mosier is fully persuasive on point after point, smoothly and effectively placing Grant into perspective not only in terms of the Civil War and American military history, tradition, and doctrine, but also in favorable comparison with the greatest European generals of the past three centuries.” —Charles Bracelen Flood, author of Grant and Sherman: The Friendship that Won the Civil War and Lee: The Last Years

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Grant: A Biography

Grant: A Biography