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Glory Days

Glory Days

On Sports, Men, and Dreams-That Don't Die

Bill Reynolds

St. Martin's Press


Bill Reynolds built his youth around sports. As a boy in a blue-collar Rhode Island town, he spend his hours shooting hoops and dreaming of stardom. From his adolescence to high school fame to a scholarship at Brown University, Reynolds enjoyed the perks of athletic glory. But those days soon ended and the onetime star drifted between his past and an uncertain future. Glory Days is a warm, touching, and funny book about what happens when jocks grow older --about getting a life without losing touch with your dreams.

Praise for Glory Days

“[A] thoughtful memoir” —Dallas Morning News

“[An] eloquent testimony...[Reynolds] sees though the scam: Sports is not life, but it almost is.” —Columbus Dispatch

“A bang-up job by Reynolds. For all the failed Little Leaguers and average high school and college jocks this is 'the real story of sports in America'.” —Kirkus Review

“A wonderful book.” —The Chattanooga Times

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Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds is a sports columnist for the Providence Journal-Bulletin and the author of several previous books, including Fall River Dreams and Success Is a Choice, with Rick Pitino. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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