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Author: Ross Thomas; Introduction by Lawrence Block




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“America's best storyteller.” —The New York Times Book Review

From Edgar Award-winning author Ross Thomas comes Briarpatch, a thrilling...

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“America's best storyteller.” —The New York Times Book Review

From Edgar Award-winning author Ross Thomas comes Briarpatch, a thrilling mystery of one man’s personal mission to find justice for his family. Now, the basis for the USA Network television series executive produced by Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot, starring Rosario Dawson.

A long-distance call from his small Texas hometown on his birthday gives Benjamin Dill the news that his sister Felicity—born on the same day exactly ten years apart—has died in a car bomb explosion. She was a homicide detective who had perhaps made one enemy too many over the course of her career.

Unwilling to let local law enforcement handle the investigation, Dill arrives in town that night to begin his dogged search for his sister’s killer. What he finds is no surprise to him as he begins to unravel town secrets, because Benjamin Dill is never surprised at what awful things people will do.

Featuring an Introduction by New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Block

Edgar Award Winner for Best Novel

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St. Martin's Griffin



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Praise for Ross Thomas

“America's best storyteller.” The New York Times Book Review

"Very few...are as consistently entertaining...even fewer can match him for style and power." The New Yorker

“It's good to see the world again through Ross Thomas' cool, clear gaze.” Los Angeles Times

"Quintessential Thomas...that is about as high a compliment as a piece of popular fiction could be can't put the damn thing down." The Washington Post Book World

"Among the many pleasures of reading it, one of the most satisfying is simply to watch Thomas juggling -- and never once dropping -- two complicated plots." The Washington Post

"Plenty of sound-like-real-world dialogue, an edgy sense of menace, and a pip of a plot that wastes very few lines." NY Daily News

"One thing sure about Ross Thomas' novels: A reader won't get bored waiting for the action to begin." —Newsday

"Thomas's snappy dialogue moves the action along at a fast clip." —USA Today

"Mystery spine-tinglers don't come much better than this one...Thomas spins his plot elements the way a Chinese juggler spins plates."Publishers Weekly

"A nonstop festival of double-crossing, triple-crossing, quick dialogue, cynical panache, and cheerfully violent action...Unusually clever and flavorsome."Kirkus Reviews

"A cynically funny, violent caper...Plenty of joyous connivance." Time Magazine

"Ross Thomas is quite simply, a great writer. And Out on the Rim is a great book." —Robert B. Parker

"Watch out! Ross Thomas writes with a switchblade knife. Out on the Rim dazzles!" —Ed. McBain

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