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To the Scaffold

The Life of Marie Antoinette

Author: Carolly Erickson

To the Scaffold

To the Scaffold


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"An extraordinary life...Erickson gives us a likable, empathetic woman and broadens our understanding of her."
- The New York Times Book Review

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One of history's most misunderstood figures, Marie Antoinette represents the extravagance and the decadence of pre-Revolution France. Yet there was an innocence about Antoinette, thrust as a child into the chillingly formal French court.

Married to the maladroit, ill-mannered Dauphin, Antoinette found pleasure in costly entertainments and garments. She spent lavishly while her overtaxed and increasingly hostile subjects blamed her for France's plight. In time Antoinette matured into a courageous Queen, and when their enemies finally closed in, Antoinette followed her inept husband to the guillotine in one last act of bravery.

In To the Scaffold, Carolly Erickson provides an estimation of a lost Queen that is psychologically acute, richly detailed, and deeply moving.

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St. Martin's Griffin



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“Carolly Erickson brings [an] immediacy and easy intimacy to her study.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“For lovers of history or lovers of a great romantic story, this book is a must.” —Louisville Courier-Journal

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To the Scaffold

To the Scaffold