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Metallica: This Monster Lives

Metallica: This Monster Lives

The Inside Story of Some Kind of Monster

Joe Berlinger with Greg Milner

St. Martin's Griffin


Metallica is the most successful hard-rock band of all time, having sold more than one hundred million albums worldwide. Receiving unique, unfettered access, acclaimed filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky followed Metallica over two and a half years as they faced monumental personal and professional challenges that threatened to destroy the band just as they returned to the studio to record their first album in four years.
Berlinger's book about the experience reveals the stories behind the documentary Some Kind of Monster, capturing the energy, uncertainty, and ultimate triumph of both the filming and Metallica's bid for survival. It weaves the on-screen stories together with what happened off-screen, revealing intimate details of the band's struggle amid personnel changes, addiction, and controversy. In part because Berlinger was one of the only witnesses to the intensive group-therapy sessions and numerous band meetings, his account of his experience filming the band is the most honest and deeply probing book about Metallica---or any rock band---ever written.
This is the book both Metallica and film fans have dreamed of---a stark and honest look at one of rock's most important bands through the eyes of one of the most provocative documentary filmmakers working today.

Praise for Metallica: This Monster Lives

“Takes on the momentum of a suspense novel, and triumphs because of the commitment and fearlessness of Metallica…This Monster Lives shows that tenacious reporting can still produce great narratives, even about the most mega of megaplatinum stars.” —New York Times

“Berlinger takes us even deeper into the inner sanctum. One of the book's bonuses: many events that were edited for the film, including a pivotal scene in which drummer Lars Ulrich laces into singer James Hetfield, are transcribed in full.” —USA Today

“A fascinating look at the logistics of making an album and the dysfunctional family that bands can become.” —Chicago Tribune

“Berlinger truly puts the meta in Metallica. Loads of deleted scenes and a metal-friendly theme (everyone has a monster to slay) are riffs we can all bang our heads to.” —USA Today

Reviews from Goodreads

Joe Berlinger with Greg Milner

Joe Berlinger is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist. In addition to Some Kind of Monster, his films include Brother's Keeper, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills, Revelations: Paradise Lost 2, and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, among many other film and television projects. Metallica: This Monster Lives is his first book.
Greg Milner is a senior contributing writer and columnist for Spin magazine. His work also appears in Slate, Salon, the Village Voice, Wired, and other publications. Metallica: This Monster Lives is his first book.

Greg Milner

St. Martin's Griffin

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