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Considering Doris Day

Considering Doris Day

A Biography

Tom Santopietro

St. Martin's Griffin


A revealing look at a star who was much more than just our favorite girl next door.

The biggest female box office attraction in Hollywood history, Doris Day remains unequaled as the only entertainer who has ever triumphed in movies, radio, recordings, and television. But while on screen Day may have projected a wholesome image, her acting and singing range made her the role model for independent American career women for four decades.

In Considering Doris Day, Tom Santopietro reveals why Day's work continues to resonate today, both in ever-increasing record sales and Hollywood lifetime achievement awards. Placing Day's work within the social context of America in the second half of the twentieth century, Considering Doris Day is smart, funny, and grants Doris Day her rightful place as a singular American artist.

Considering Doris Day

She lives in the belief that happiness has to be made--and can be made--by the individual. In her sunny exuberance, she seems to be living proof of it.

--Louella Parsons,...

Praise for Considering Doris Day

“A vibrant portrait of the artist and the woman” —Publishers Weekly

“There is something thrilling about Doris Day rediscovered, especially when the archaeologist of this American treasure---Mr. Santopietro---is so right-on-the-money.” —Liz Smith

“This book offers serious insight into a relatively neglected life. The observations are apt---and often bold.” —The Atlantic

“Extremely acute in his critiques, Santopietro is also devastatingly witty.” —The Globe & Mail

“Santopietro concentrates on her multifaceted career. He is sympathetic to women and knowledgeable about his subject, and his respect for her is refreshing.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Tom Santopietro

Tom Santopietro has worked for the past twenty years in the New York theater as a manager of over two dozen Broadway shows. He is the author of The Importance of Being Barbra and the forthcoming Sinatra in Hollywood. He lives in New York.

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