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Cliffs of Fall

Cliffs of Fall

And Other Stories

Shirley Hazzard



From the author of The Great Fire, a collection of stories about love and acceptance, expectations and disappointment

Shirley Hazzard's stories are sharp, sensitive portrayals of moments of crisis. Whether they are set in the Italian countryside or suburban Connecticut, the stories deal with real people and real problems.

In the title piece, a young widow is surprised and ashamed by her lack of grief for her husband.
In "A Place in the Country," a young woman has a passionate, guilty affair with her cousin's husband. In "Harold," a gawky, lonely young man finds acceptance and respect through his poetry.

Moving and evocative, these ten stories are written with subtlety, humor, and a keen understanding of the relationships between men and women.

Cliffs of Fall

THE Fergusons' door opened on a burst of light and voices, and on Evie's squeal of surprise--quite as if, Minna thought, we had turned up uninvited. Evie kissed her.
"Our shoes are a bit wet,"...

Praise for Cliffs of Fall

“Miss Hazzard's mind is a revolving light that picks a scene, holds it in utmost clarity for a moment against the surrounding darkness, and moves on.” —The New York Times

“Shirley Hazzard has such a treasury of style that she can enconomize or splurge, and, because her taste is unerring, every expenditure is right.” —Vogue

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Shirley Hazzard

Shirley Hazzard (1931-2016) is the author, most recently, of Greene on Capri, a memoir of Graham Greene, and several works of fiction, including The Evening of the Holiday, The Bay of Noon, and The Transit of Venus, winner of the 1981 National Book Critics Circle Award. She lived in New York City and Capri.


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