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Life on Earth

Life on Earth


The Cosmos Trilogy (Volume 2)

Frederick Seidel

Farrar, Straus and Giroux


The second book of an extravagant work-in-progress

What's Joel
Got to do but let the jewel
The light and hook

It to the flesh
It will outlast
And point the staring woman
At a mirror?
--from "The Master Jeweler Joel Rosenthal"

Dante's Divine Comedy begins with a journey through Hell and ends in Heaven. Frederick Seidel's trilogy The Cosmos Poems begins in the heavens and descends.

Life on Earth is the second book in this trilogy. It includes natural and human history, which are the history of the self, and biography, which is the history of everything else, told in vignettes of beauty, sublimity, horror, and regret.

Praise for Life on Earth

“[Seidel] grips the twentieth century between his teeth like a blade as he speaks . . . One of the more formidable poets of the last third of the century.” —Calvin Bedient, Poetry

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