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What We Did

What We Did

A Novel

Christobel Kent

Sarah Crichton Books


He stole her childhood . . . she’ll take his future

Something happened, she didn’t know what, something spun, the world turning, back, back, too fast. She would be sick. Bridget put out a hand to steady herself against the wall.

Bridget has a secret—one she keeps from everyone, even her husband. One that threatens to explode when her childhood music teacher, Carmichael, walks into her dress shop. With him is a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, fresh-faced and pretty. She reminds Bridget of herself at that age, naïve and vulnerable.

Bridget wants him away—away from her, away from that girl. But Carmichael won’t leave her alone, won’t stop stalking her. And Bridget’s not a little girl anymore. When he pushes her too far, she snaps. But what she thought was a decisive act only unravels more insidious threats—more than she could have ever imagined—and from which no one is safe, not even her family.

The bestselling British author Christobel Kent has written yet another thrilling page-turner with a twisted, riveting conclusion. What We Did is a nightmarish, impossible-to-put-down tale of the secrets we keep from our families, of chilling childhood abuse, and of long-awaited retribution.

Chapter One

The university sat tall and dark above the town: three towers looking across the roofs and out over a gray estuary. Perhaps Rose Hill had been wild once and covered with a pink-petaled tangle of briar roses, but now...

Praise for What We Did

"Psychological thriller that has you in a vice-like grip from the start. Bridget's already living under the relentless stress of her childhood abuse—but when her abuser turns up out of the blue, there's the more traditional suspense of a rash act and its consequences—the latter never trivialising the former. Masterful." —The Times & The Sunday Times Crime Club (Star Pick for May)

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Christobel Kent

Christobel Kent was born in London and grew up in London and Essex, including a stint on the Essex coast on a Thames barge with three siblings and four stepsiblings, before studying English at Cambridge. She is the author of The Day She Disappeared, The Loving Husband, and The Crooked House, among other novels. Kent lives in Cambridge with her husband and five children.

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Christobel Kent

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