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A Dream of Flight

Alberto Santos-Dumont's Race Around the Eiffel Tower

Author: Written by Jef Polivka and Rob Polivka; illustrated by Rob Polivka

A Dream of Flight

A Dream of Flight


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For fans of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, here is a charming biography of inventor and daredevil airman Alberto Santos-Dumont.
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Debut nonfiction duo Rob and Jef Polivka offer an illustrated madcap adventure in A Dream of Flight, a dynamic biography of Alberto Santos-Dumont, an inventor who risked everything to reach the skies. And sure enough, his successes and failures brought the world’s people closer together.

Ready? Set. Fly!

At the turn of the twentieth century, no aviation prize was more coveted in Europe than the Deutsch Prize. To win it, a pilot would have to fly a balloon from Paris’s Aero Club around the Eiffel Tower and back in thirty minutes or less. Who would be the first to succeed?

Alberto Santos-Dumont thought he could. His latest design, Airship No. 6, was perfected from the countless lessons he learned during previous crashes. On the morning of October 19, 1901, Santos was making good time in the race when disaster struck—his motor had sputtered to a stop mid-air! Would Santos make it to the finish line in time—let alone survive?

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*A 2020 NSTA Best Stem Book!*

"An engaging book about a larger-than-life character." —Kirkus Reviews

"Rob Polivka's lively illustration style, reminiscent of Hergé’s, offers an animated sense of adventure sure to interest the engineering minded." —Publishers Weekly

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A Dream of Flight

A Dream of Flight