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Darleen Bailey Beard; Pictures by Nancy Carpenter

Square Fish


Trade Paperback

Two children experience a tornado.

Although she sees them safely to the cellar, Mama has to leave Lucille and Natt and go help Mr. Lyle, an elderly neighbor. She tells the children not to open the door until she comes back. But Mama doesn't come back, and Lucille must comfort Natt throughout the terrifying experience of a tornado.

Praise for Twister

“In this vividly written story, Natt and Lucille learn that life can change with terrifying rapidity when, on a lovely summer day as they are playing outdoors, an onrushing tornado drives them into the storm cellar . . . [They] emerge into the sunlight to find the ground covered with ice diamonds and everyone safe.” —Starred, School Library Journal

“Beard's lyrical descriptions of Natt and Lucille's experiences lend a you-are-there immediacy to the tale, while Carpenter's generously colored artwork vibrates with the intensity of nature unleashed . . . A rousing tale.” —Kirkus Reviews


Reviews from Goodreads

Darleen Bailey Beard; Pictures by Nancy Carpenter

Darleen Bailey Beard, author of The Flimflam Man, lives in Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Nancy Carpenter, the illustrator of several books, including Sitti's Secrets by Naomi Shihab Nye, lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Square Fish

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