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Seventeen writers revisit books they love

Edited by Anne Fadiman

Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Is a book the same book—or a reader the same reader—the second time around? The seventeen authors in this witty and poignant collection of essays all agree on the answer: Never.

The editor of Rereadings is Anne Fadiman, and readers of her bestselling book Ex Libris will find this volume especially satisfying. Her chosen authors include Sven Birkerts, Allegra Goodman, Vivian Gornick, Patricia Hampl, Phillip Lopate, and Luc Sante; the objects of their literary affections range from Pride and Prejudice to Sue Barton, Student Nurse.

These essays are not conventional literary criticism; they are about relationships. Rereadings reveals at least as much about the reader as about the book: each is a miniature memoir that focuses on that most interesting of topics, the protean nature of love. And as every bibliophile knows, no love is more life-changing than the love of a book.


Marginal Notes on the Inner Lives of People with Cluttered Apartments in the East Seventies
Franny and Zooey, by J. D. Salinger


Praise for Rereadings

“An absolute delight for those of us who live to read (and reread) . . . Fadiman has done such a fine job of selecting and arranging these pieces that they become a kind of composite literary coming-of-age memoir from the geeky, horny adolescent madly thumbing Franny and Zooey or Lord Jim in some shag-carpeted suburban basement bedroom to the sadder but wiser critic, novelist, poet who gazes wistfully at the ghost of a younger self rising from the pages of a once-loved book.” —David Laskin, The Seattle Times

“A delightful glimpse into the relationship between reader and book.” —Teresa K. Weaver, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“f you’re a fan of Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris—and who among right-thinking people isn’t?—then your heart will skip a beat over her new anthology, Rereadings . . . thoroughly enjoyable essays” —Claire Dederer, Newsday

“A deep and wonderfully complex story about relationships . . . Anne Fadiman's diverse collection of essays encourages readers to rethink the way we see our favorite books and ultimately the way we see ourselves through them.” —Jill Marr, Pages


Reviews from Goodreads

Edited by Anne Fadiman

Anne Fadiman is the author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award, an L.A. Times Book Prize, and a Salon Book Award. She is also the author of two essay collections, At Large and At Small and Ex Libris. Her essays and articles have appeared in Harper's, The New Yorker, and The New York Times, among other publications. She is the Francis Writer-in-Residence at Yale.

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Anne Fadiman

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