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Let the Devil Out

Let the Devil Out

A Maureen Coughlin Novel

Maureen Coughlin Series (Volume 4)

Bill Loehfelm

Sarah Crichton Books


It's been a brutal year for the rookie New Orleans cop Maureen Coughlin. Her first arrests, her first black eye, and, after a stinging brush with the corrupt heart of her adopted city, her first suspension. As she waits out the suspension, hoping to save her badge, Maureen finds increasingly dark and dangerous ways to pass the time. Justice, she tells herself, is being served. No need for the NOPD to know what she's doing.

Maureen believes getting back to the job she loves is worth any sacrifice, any risk, that it's the only thing she really wants. But wearing the badge again means stepping back into the crosshairs of ruthless people who want her out of the way and don't care who else gets caught in the crossfire.

Driven by a lead character Megan Abbott calls "a hero with whom we will go anywhere," Let the Devil Out raises the bar for sharp-witted, compelling cop fiction. As The New York Times says of Maureen, "She finds herself wrestling with ethical issues that fictional cops, especially fictional female ones, rarely talk about, leaving that stuff to real-life cops--and smart guys like Bill Loehfelm."

Boston Globe Best Books of the Year


Late November. The time of the silver-haired man.

These past weeks, every gray cloud charcoaled across the pale sky brought him back to her. Every cold breeze coming down the Mississippi felt like his hands under her...

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Bill Loehfelm

Bill Loehfelm is the author of Doing the Devil's Work, The Devil in Her Way, The Devil She Knows, Bloodroot,and Fresh Kills. He lives in New Orleans with his wife, the writer AC Lambeth, and plays drums in a rock-'n'-roll band.

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