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Nature Got There First

Nature Got There First

Inventions Inspired by Nature

by Dr. Phil Gates




Birds conquered the air long before the Wright Brothers, the burrs on plants are uncannily similar to velcro fastenings, rattlesnakes have an alarm system, bats and dolphins have their own form of sonar... Nature is full of amazing designs and ‘mechanisms' that appear to have inspired the engineering and technology we use today. Nature Got There First by Dr. Phil Gates shows you how and why.


Praise for Nature Got There First

“This book shows that many of the solutions humans have developed are similar to adaptations in plants and animals. . . . this book would make an excellent resource as part of a unit on human inventions and natural adaptations. It could be used to in spark students' interest in design technology, invention, and engineering.” —NSTA Recommends

“The well-chosen images are both inviting and clearly illustrate the points made in the text and captions. . . . This is an informative, appealing look at the connections between natural and human design.” —Booklist

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About the author

by Dr. Phil Gates

Dr Phil Gates lectures on biology at the University of Durham, UK, and regularly writes for BBC Wildlife. His other books for children on natural history include The Aliens Are Coming, The Amazing World of Plants and 365 Days of Nature and Discovery.

Phil Gates

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