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The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia

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With today's emphasis on fast-moving technology and the focus on testing standards for science and math, the need for students to grasp key scientific principles has never been greater. The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, 3rd edition is the one reference that includes all of the information students need to know in a concise and trustworthy package. Fully revised and updated, with clear, accessible writing by scientific experts and plenty of illustration for visual learners, this volume provides in-depth insight and succinct authoritative answers to all areas of scientific inquiry-avoiding the need to hunt and peck for information across multiple sources. An impressive supplementary section at the end of the book includes mini-biographies of famous scientists, and an illustrated time line of key inventions and discoveries. Arranged thematically into ten subjects, with reference summaries for each chapter and a full index, this encyclopedia does more than merely provide facts-it helps the reader develop an integrated, hands-on understanding of the science which drives everything around us.


Praise for The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia

“Entries feature a visually appealing balance of colorful illustrations and text, certain to appeal to both casual browsers and students alike. In addition, the illustrations . . . nicely complement the text. Explanations are clear and accessible, and the writing is lively and engaging. . . .[T]his eye-catching, updated edition would be a welcome addition to elementary- and middle-school libraries and public libraries and a good replacement for those who own the previous edition.” —Booklist

“[An] attractive, browsable overview of fundamental science concepts. The thematic arrangement of the book is once again used in this third edition. Most topics are presented on pleasing two-page spreads, with relevant charts, timelines, and other illustrations surrounding the text.. . . It is precisely the kind of science book to lure non-science types into serious browse mode.. . . A great choice for middle school libraries and science classrooms. It will also find a place in public libraries with a need for affordable science reference books.” —VOYA

“This comprehensive science encyclopedia covers the fundamentals of life science, earth science, physical science, plus materials and technology and conservation. It's colorful and inviting and well-sectioned off into two page spreads on many of the pages, so it's welcoming and readable without being overwhelming. . . . The clear concise nature of this book makes it one that all middle schools should have. . . . This is a valuable resource for all public libraries.” —Simply Science blog

“Middle graders will be so receptive to working on science homework with The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia.” —Teaching Pre-K-8

“As with any good reference work there are also references to help young inquisitive minds follow the threads deeper and further. Parents and teachers will find this book a real must have because it answers all those questions that kids love to raise.” —Children's Literature

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Charles Taylor; Editors of Kingfisher

Professor Charles Taylor received the U.K.'s Bragg Medal and Prize of Institutional Physics, and the UK's Michael Faraday Award for contributions to the public understanding of science. He has presented lectures on BBC television and has written many science books for children.

Charles Taylor

Editors of Kingfisher

Editors of Kingfisher

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