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Explorers: Robots

Explorers: Robots


by Chris Oxlade, illustrated by Peter Bull



This innovative series uses storytelling as the gateway to learning and exploration. Six action-packed story-scenes are followed by photographic information spreads-which provide scientific detail and background. Each title can be read front to back, or the reader can follow special 'page links' for a thematic exploration. This series is perfect for emerging readers who are beginning to exercise wider reading, research and cross-referencing skills.

Explorers: Robots - by Chris Oxlade, illustrated by Peter Bull - is an interactive adventure unveiling the fascinating world of robotics and all it has to offer the 21st century. "How do robots work?" "What jobs can Robots do?" "Can robots work in space?" And: "Are humans and robots related?"-are only a few of the questions young readers can explore in this high-interest and fast paced book chock-full of timely scientific and technological information.

Praise for Explorers: Robots

“It is a fun book, great for both the techno-kid who wants a robot as a companion or for the curious one who wonders what a robot is. . . . Four colored buttons found on the pages direct the reader to look for innovations for the future in science, history, or technology. These present new ideas to the reader.” —NTSA Recommends

Reviews from Goodreads

by Chris Oxlade, illustrated by Peter Bull

Chris Oxlade is an experienced author of information books for children. He has written more than two hundred titles on science, technology, geography, sports and hobbies, from encyclopedia articles to fun activity books.

Peter Bull has worked as a freelance illustrator for more than twenty-five years. He creates both traditional and digital art for publishers worldwide and also runs the Peter Bull Art Studio, based in the UK.

Peter Bull


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